Hello there!  I’m David, and I write under the name D M Koffer.  I’m a writer, magician, martial artist, web developer, and renaissance man.

Want to see some of the stuff I make?  Check out the “buy my stuff” link.  You don’t have to spend money if you don’t want to, I just like to share some of the cool things I’ve been working on.  Lately it’s been wooden knives, but pretty soon I’ll be learning blacksmithing.

Like the website?  Hit me up.  I can help you out with the technical stuff, like hosting or installing WordPress.  I can also help you with copywriting, to help you communicate effectively with your readers.

So…that part about being a magician?  I do that too.  Not like stage-magic illusions, but real live probability-boosting reality-hacking magic.  If you’re looking for a boost to your project, or  if you need a hand with spiritual stuff, or even if you’re just curious, check out my magic page.

I also make a lot of stuff from scratch.  I bake my own bread, make wooden knives, and I do my own calligraphy.  I think that learning how to make something from scratch, all by yourself, teaches you a lot.  About the project, sure, I mean there’s nothing like the knowledge you get from building something yourself.  More than that, though, creating something teaches you about yourself.  I can show you a thing or two about that – making stuff, breaking stuff, or getting to know the real you.  Check out my consultation page for more info.

Anyway, I’m glad you took a minute to drop by.  You’re welcome to click around and check out the display.  I’ve recently added a blog!  It’s mostly geared towards folks who do magic or who see nature as sacred.  My hope, though, is that it’s of interest to anyone who enjoys philosophy (or a deep, incisive look at human behavior).

If you’d like to get in touch, the easiest way to reach me is through the contact form, or by email at dmkoffer at gmail dot com.