So, a little about me.  My great-grandma taught me to read when I was two, and I’ve been writing since about four years old.  And playing with computers since I was about eight.  (On a Commodore VIC20, for you nerds out there.)

I have an MA in English with a focus on linguistics, Old English, narrative, and rhetoric.  More importantly, I persuaded the administrators to let me write my thesis on video games.

But don’t let that fancy stuff fool you.  I also do woodcrafts, fiction writing, website design, magic, martial arts, and copywriting.

What I love – more than anything – is learning new things, or exploring a topic deeply to understand how it changes and breaks my previous assumptions about the world.  So in some ways, that means learning a new skill (like the history of Tarot cards), and finding cool ways to blend that with other things I know (like writing stories).  In other ways, that means a deep-dive into a skill (like martial arts), and using that as a framework for another skill (like learning a second language).