So – yeah, I do magic.

Like, real magic.  Casting spells, meditation, tarot cards, runes – that kind of magic.

Not the stage illusion kind of magic.


My approach is sort of a blend of “monastic witchcraft.”  I do sigil work (with some really cool calligraphy, look for some samples soon!).  Many of my workings are powered by repeating secret and mystical mantras.

I’ve also been a practicing earth-based Pagan for over 20 years.  So if you need a hand in your spiritual path – some divination, pathworking, guidance, or even help from Beyond – I can help with that.

I charge $50 for a 1-hour consultation or reading.  Specific workings depend on the time and materials required.  Looking for a pre-made talisman?  Check out the shop!

What I Do

  • Consultations, advice, guided training, special requests
  • Divination – Tarot, Runes, Intuitive
  • Sigils – creation and empowerment
  • Hand-written calligraphy spell pages
  • Money magic
  • Ancestor work and spirit jars
  • Custom rituals

What I Don’t Do

  • Love spells
  • “Take me back” spells
  • Curses/hexes
  • Retaliation

How It Works / What To Expect

Depending on the working, I may or may not need a physical link to you.  We’ll talk about that when you contact me.  If I do, you’ll need to mail me something personal – usually a lock of hair or something like that.  (Some witches and magicians are totally down for using any personal link they can find.  I try to minimize the ‘ick’ factor.)

I’ll spend some time designing and performing the work.  This will usually involve the repetition of hundreds or thousands of mantras to empower the working.

I’ll send a packet back to you with instructions on completing the work.

Special Note:  magic is an influence, not a gumball machine.  I guarantee I will perform a working to the best of my abilities.  I cannot guarantee a specific outcome, only that I will use my spiritual skills to influence your situation.