Consultation and Mentoring

One of my talents is reframing a situation so it can be seen differently.  Another is bringing non-traditional ideas and practices to a situation, in order to create a new and unique solution.

Sometimes in life we get so stuck in our own perspective, or our own situation, that it’s hard to see past the problem.  We’re missing the forest for the trees, to borrow a cliche.  Sometimes, what we really need is another set of eyes to help us see opportunities we’re missing.  Or solutions we’re overlooking.  Or sometimes we just don’t know where to start, and it’s helpful to have a hand breaking a problem into chunks.

Wrathful Compassion

Sometimes, the most compassionate thing you can do in a situation is to cut something loose.  Or tell someone no.  Or get out of a situation.

I think, in our society, we’re conditioned to be agreeable.  It feels rude or antisocial to say no, or to set a boundary around a person’s behavior.

But it’s critical to our mental and emotional health to set boundaries.  And to cut things loose when they’re no longer working for us.

I’ll bring my 25 years of martial arts and magical practice to help you find more effective or clear boundaries, or to take a ruthless look at your situation and cut away the stuff that’s not working.

Teacher and Course Catalyst

Are you thinking about launching a new training class?  Looking to improve and optimize your coaching?  Do you need honest, actionable feedback on your lesson plans?

I’m a lifelong learner, and I’ve got experience receiving training from the very best, and the very worst.  Plus, I have a Master’s degree, which helps me articulate feedback clearly.

And – as you can see from my blog, I have a talent for seeing things from a different and unique perspective.

You can expect to finish this session with clear steps to elevate your teaching.  You’ll also be fired up with new ways to present your material, and probably some new applications or lessons for your material as well.

Basic life coaching

If you’re starting over in life, you could probably use a second set of eyes.  Maybe you’re starting down the path of a witch or sorcerer.  Maybe you’re taking charge of your anxiety or other life struggles.  Maybe you left a bad situation, and you’re just treading water, looking for a direction.

We’ll spend some time talking about your situation, and what direction you want to go.  Then we’ll talk about how to get from where you’re at, to where you want to be.

You’ll leave this session with a new perspective on your life and a list of helpful resources.  We’ll also work up a custom path for you to follow.  If this is your second session, we’ll check in on your progress and your goals – we’ll see what’s working, what’s feasible, and what we need to adjust.

How it works.

We hop on the phone for an hour, and you tell me a bit about what you’re struggling with.  We’ll work to arrange it as a narrative, to help you make sense of it.  We’ll discuss some of your goals, then we’ll come up with a few actionable steps you can take to move forward.

If you’d like, during the consultation I can work some divination for you.  I can read Tarot cards, playing cards, runes, or whatever feels appropriate to get a better feel for the magical/karmic/unseen influences on your situation.  This can be helpful if you’ve hit a run of suspiciously bad luck, or if you’re looking to get an edge with information or planning.

I charge $50 for a one-hour consultation.  Reach out to me with your name and a brief description of what you’d like help with, and I’ll be in touch with the next steps.