Water Quality

Services include:

  • Private well water inspection and testing
  • Public Water System operator-for-hire
  • Technical writing for water and wastewater professionals

My licensure is for Very Small Water Systems – 500 people or fewer, and with simple or no water treatment.


  • Twin Falls and Jerome County: $175 per month (or visit)
  • Outside Twin Falls/Jerome: $225 per month (or visit)
  • Includes one onsite inspection per month, recording and reporting, and any onsite tasks
  • If you need more hands-on management, an additional fee is charged for additional visits
  • Lab fees are billed in addition to the basic onsite service fee

I grew up with two main topics of conversation at the dinner table.

First was running a small business.

Second was water wells and pumps.

My grandad started a company, Walker Water Systems, back in 1947. After drilling for a few years, he realized that groundwater was Idaho’s most precious commodity. Without water, Idaho’s farms and dairies would wither to dust.

So Grandad started advocating for conserving and protecting Idaho’s water. I’m proud to continue that tradition.

As Idahoans, we all have different reasons for protecting water quality. You might want to test your well water to make sure it’s safe for your kids to drink. Or, you might want to protect the groundwater so your great-grandkids can water their crops. Maybe you just want someone to help keep the bureaucrats off your back. Me, I think the Earth is special. We may be the top of the food chain, but there are many other creatures that call Earth home. I think we owe it to our continued health, and to the other creatures we share the planet with, to act as good stewards of the Earth’s natural resources.

Plus, no one wants to drink water that can catch on fire. Or that has dairy waste in it.

Contact me to schedule a meeting, either by phone or in person. We’ll go over the specifics, work out a cost, and set up a contract.