So, a little about me.  My great-grandma taught me to read when I was two, and I’ve been writing since about four years old.  And playing with computers since I was about eight.  (On a Commodore VIC20, for you nerds out there.)

I have an MA in English with a focus on linguistics, Old English, narrative, and rhetoric.  More importantly, I persuaded the administrators to let me write my thesis on video games.  I’ve had a lifelong – passion isn’t really the right word, but maybe partnership – with computers and technology.  I get them, and I’m pretty decent at convincing technology to work the way I need it to.

So, I guess you could say I’m passionate about language and communication.  And not just regular talking-to-people communication, but really all forms.  Written words, digital communication, body language, interspecies communcation, digital-to-organic communication, you name it.

I’m even interested in immaterial communication.  Like, if there is such a thing as ghosts, how might we communicate with them?  What’s the most effective way that we can transmit information between one person and another?

In addition to communication theory, I’m also a bit of a dabbler in crafty bits.  You can check out some of the work I’ve done on the crafts page.  I believe that when we create a thing with our hands, the more time and intention we put into it shows.  It imbues the object with a unique quality that goes beyond the object’s physical appearance.

What I love – more than anything – is learning new things, or exploring a topic deeply to understand how it changes and breaks my previous assumptions about the world.  So in some ways, that means learning a new skill (like the history of Tarot cards), and finding cool ways to blend that with other things I know (like writing stories).  In other ways, that means a deep-dive into a skill (like martial arts), and using that as a framework for another skill (like learning a second language).