Writing Services

I’m a writer first.

It’s a tough thing to say.  I consider myself a thinker.  I really do sit and ponder deep thoughts a lot of the time.  (Some might say too much!)   And I love my mystical and nature-based philosophies.  I love to bake, and watch how a lump of flour and water goes through the kneading, the rising, and the baking to become a fragrant, golden loaf of bread, thirsty for a melty slab of butter.

But I’m a writer first.  It’s kind of a calling.  I went to grad school because I love language that much.

So, how can I put my skills to work for you?  I’m pretty good at writing tactfully.  If you’ve got some bad news to deliver to someone, or a public relations nightmare you’re trying to head off, I could take a crack at it for you.  My portfolio has a couple samples of tactful writing.

I’m also a fair hand at explaining advanced technical concepts to a wide audience.  By “advanced technical,” I mean things like the way a dry water well works, or the way a cloud-hosted IT environment functions.  And by “wide audience,” I mean 6th-grade reading level.

Need a second set of eyes on your book?  Or your blog?  I’d be happy to take a look and offer some suggestions.  Looking for a ghostwriter?  Let’s talk!

Get in touch with me to discuss details about your project.  For writing, I typically charge $1-2 per word.  For editing, revising, or hourly projects, I charge $50 per hour.

Think of all the time and frustration you’ll save by hiring an expert like me to handle your writing.  I already have a built-in thesaurus in my brain, and plenty of training and experience in finding a really good way to say things.