I’ve been writing since I was about four years old.

I mean, I love language.  I can speak three of them, and I know a couple other ones for talking with computers.  Language never gets old for me.

So, because I’m kind of a geek about language, maybe I can help you out.  I’ve got a knack for explaining complex ideas.  It helps that I have range – I’m interested in a lot of different things, and that gives me a unique perspective.

You can check out my business page, which has writing samples and credentials, if that’s your thing.

My price is $0.08 per word for the finished project.  That includes one revision, in case we need to redirect.

I don’t charge to fix errors.  I try not to make any, but I’m human too.  Let me know, and I’ll fix it for you.  (Though I should warn you:  if you consider the Oxford comma to be an error, I may grumble a bit behind my laptop.)

If you want to micromanage the project with lots of little revisions, I’ll get frustrated, plus it’ll take me extra time.  If it’s excessive, you can expect a fee for the extra verbiage.

But in general, just send me a good outline of what you want to say, who you’re saying it to, and the most important parts you want the focus on, and I’ll take it from there.

You can get my help on a project by contacting me.