As a former Dungeons and Dragons nerd, I remember when they first introduced the concept of metamagic – magic that enhanced regular magic. Cast one spell to make another one better – and I thought, “what the hell use is that?”

But at this point in my life, I see a lot of people teaching magic. What I don’t see, is a lot of people teaching how to make their magic better.

Hence Metamagic.

The idea behind this project is to look at techniques that will make you more effective as an Active Conscious Participant in your reality. (aka. Magician, h/t Fabeku Fatunmise.)

Men’s Embodied Spirituality

This is a local men’s Pagan spirituality group, which meets for a blend of karate and magic. Find out more here.

Teaching a better workshop

So you’re going to a Pagan Convention, and you’re going to be teaching. This class will help you refine your workshop and create an unforgettable experience for your students.

Coming soon…

Host a better online class

We’ve all heard about Death by Zoom Meeting. This class will teach you how to improve the online classes that you teach.

Coming soon…

Pagan Ethics

With magic, we can achieve any goal we set for ourselves. How do we tell a helpful goal from an unhelpful goal? How do we figure out if our values and our goals are at cross-purposes? How do we bring our ethics into coherence with our Pagan beliefs and practices?

Coming soon…

Practical Mysticism

There are a bazillion different paths out there with people teaching magic. I’m content to let them handle the “how.”

This class is more about what it means to do magic. This class will present mysticism in down-to-earth and hands-on lessons, and help you wrestle with the Big Questions. We’ll spend a good amount of time looking at how mysticism can help in your everyday life.

Coming soon…